Bringing the global SparkLabs Group experience to drive & accelerate corporate innovation, strategy and revenue growth.

The SparkLabs team has built one of the most innovative and fastest growing global tech ecosystems, with accelerators, venture capital funds and late stage capital vehicles from nearly every continent.

We have invested in 300 global startups in over 100 countries, built a network of over 200 mentors and created over 2200 jobs.

Our team has decades of deep operational experience as founders & investors in both startups and the Global 2000. Now through SparkLabs Foundry, we have created an Innovation Catalyst team to help corporations and their innovation groups develop the strategy, culture and key partnerships to thrive and maintain a competitive advantage in this ever-disrupted world of technology, services and business.


  • $500M invested

  • 100 countries

  • 20 vertical markets

  • 200 Mentors / advisors

  • 2,200 Jobs created

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